The 70-Day Walkabout

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A personal adventure doesn’t have to be full of risky feats and extreme itineraries. It doesn’t have to be a game one-upmanship or displays of bravado. But it’s still cool to hear people’s stories. A palpable sense of adventure and possibility can be achieved by individuals of any age and circumstance. Some of our favorite stories involve a little of both—in which people who would seemingly have serious limitations go on adventures that would be ambitious for anyone.

Check out this news story in the Idaho Statesman about Bob Jonas and Sarah Michael who went on a 70-mile walkabout adventure with the help of a pack of llamas. Notably, Jonas completed the trek despite suffering from cervical degeneration. His tip for hikers with neck or back pain? Use a fisherman’s vest instead of a daypack to carry small-scale pack supplies. The fisherman’s vest does better distributing the weight.