Idaho Adventure Education wants to help people find the best possible adventure trips and education programs for their goals and interests….


…Maybe your geologist or biologist friend is a walking education program, and you’re looking for the best remote and intriguing locations in the state (Hint: start with the Salmon Forest).

…Maybe you’re planning a group vacation, major road trip, or bus tour. Maybe you’re planning an overnight stop in Boise, Jackson, Missoula, or Spokane, and you’re wondering, What are some great spots to stop and do some sightseeing along the way? (We have plenty of ideas for you.)

…Maybe you’re looking for a first-rate whitewater rafting experience run by a reliable and trusted river trip company. (We have that information.)

…Maybe you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten path, the road less traveled by. (Check out the llamas in our Favorite Moments section.)

…Maybe you’re a high school teacher, club president, or events director looking to organize an educational trip for studying the state’s flora, fauna, history or geology. (We’d love to hear what you’re passionate about, and we’ll you help understand what different parts of the state has to offer.)

…Maybe you’re on a tour or a personal mission to visit all 50 states or all 48 contiguous states and Idaho is last on your list. (Great, let us help. We won’t take offense.)


We’ve heard hundreds of different stories that bring people to our state to explore its unique natural charms. We’re working to make sure you can find the information and trip planning details you need to go a fun, safe, and education-based adventure!!